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Business Travel Rules Change

Travel industry and international business travel

Business travel was harshly affected due to covid and overseas travel restrictions but now that these restrictions are being eased,

International business travel will be almost hassle-free again with a new clearer travel system as follows:-

a) The amber and green lists will be merged into a single ‘’rest of the world’’ category from 4am on Monday October 4th meaning that fully vaccinated travellers

arriving from these non-red countries will no longer need to go to the expense and hassle of taking a lateral flow/PCR test before returning to the UK.

b) Turkey and Pakistan to be removed from red list including a further 6 destinations.

c) Business in the Far East to improve as the Government recognises full vaccinations from a further 17 countries and territories including Japan and Singapore.

d) Travel to the US will be permitted for fully vaccinated passengers from November - although The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has yet to confirm whether or not this will include those who have had the AstraZeneca jab.

e) People travelling to England will no longer need a PCR test two days after arrival from later in October. Instead they will take a cheaper and easier lateral flow test.


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